05 May 2022

Dental science is transforming itself. Earlier customers used to dread going to a dentist but not anymore. With so many options, it is a matter of time before they resolve your dental problems. The worst of tooth decays are handled by dental implants. It being a widely accepted procedure only proves to be beneficial for the patient.

However, any dental implant is incomplete without a surgical guide. A surgical guide helps place the dental implant precisely where you want it to come. We will tell you how surgical guides are made and their uses to make things easy.

Why do we use surgical guides?

Earlier, when there was a need to place a dental implant, a lot of technicalities came into place. Sometimes the location of the afflicted area is such that placing an implant there is challenging. With this difficulty, even if the implant was placed, its position would be inaccurate.

With the surgical guides, the implantologist can assess the exact location. Now when the dentist places the implant, there is no scope of error. Also, as per a reputed Implantologist in Dwarka, the surgical guides hasten the implant placement surgery. The dentist quickly places the surgical guide and finds the precise location of the implant.

For any dentist handling implant surgery was a tiresome procedure earlier. Finding out the exact location of implants was often bothersome. After the surgery, the patient would face complications. But with surgical guides to assist, the process is simplified. The success rate is definitely higher as everything now happens with accuracy.

How are surgical guides made?

The process of making a surgical guide is easy to understand. The best dental clinic in Delhi takes impressions on an intraoral scan of the area where the implant is required. The surgical guide will copy the exact impression of the patient’s intraoral area. It also helps the surgeon to drill the implants into the bone with utmost precision.

After the scan is over, the implantologist will conduct a CBCT x-ray of the area. This helps them to get a 3D view of the area in question. Special software helps the dentist to combine the 3D view with the scan he has already taken.

Post this; the dentist would match the length and width of the implant required. The dental implants cost is decided after the dentist completes this procedure. The process of placing the implants is fast, safe, and painless because of the precision adopted by the implantologist.


Dental implants are necessary if you have any sort of decay in your teeth. However, you must find out the Dental implant cost in Delhi before moving ahead. Mainly your implantologist would explain the entire process before you give the final nod.

Thankfully with surgical guides, no patient gets to face pain during implant surgery. The continuous changes in the technologies mean that dental science will keep reinventing itself in the future. Surgical guides are just the first step in the initiation of this revolution.