28 April 2022

Dental science saw a drastic change in the last decade. As technology expanded its profile, the medical field benefitted too. Now science has a solution for every dental problem a person can ever experience. Dental crowns are a solution for those who suffer from damage to their teeth.

However, there is always the question of which Dental crown is the best. Here we will share details of all the popular crowns and their pros and cons.

Situations where you need a dental crown

Your dentist will offer you proper advice on which crown to choose. Yet first, let us have a look at instances where the dentist suggests a crown implant.

A weak tooth that has decayed or has a cavity

Covering an implant

Replace any previous filing

A cracked or damaged natural tooth

Tooth subjected to root canal

For aesthetic needs that are improving your smile, look of the face, etc.

Types of Dental Crowns

Moving on, let us have a look at the different types of dental crowns.

E-Max-Lithium Disilicate crowns

E-Max is the latest invention in the crown market. It is an all-ceramic crown that is made of Lithium Disilicate. Some advantages of the E-Max crowns are as follows:

Highly durable and thus last for long

Look good both for Front and back teeth

High aesthetic appeal

Fewer chances of chipping

However, these crowns could be expensive, and you must contact the Best dentist to guide you out.

Zirconium crowns

Zirconium crowns are new too. They are strong plus have the good looks of porcelain crowns. A few advantages of Zirconium crowns are:

Quite good looking

Long to last and durable

The creation process is less time consuming

Do not cause any allergic reactions.

Despite the advantages, Zirconia crowns could cause the tooth they are placed against to wear down.

Gold Crowns

If you go to any dental clinic, you will find Gold crowns as a popular choice. The makers create them in combination with metals like nickel and Chromium. Again their strength and durability make them a great choice.

Long-lasting if you can take good care of them

Sturdy and durable

Require less portion of tooth removed

Wear down slowly

Perfect for restorations of back teeth

However, the best dental clinic will tell you that Gold crowns may cause allergies.

Porcelain Fused to Metal crowns

PFM crowns are a combination of Metal and Porcelain. They are strong as well as high on aesthetics.

Durable and pleasing to look at

Have been around for a long time

Less costly compared to other porcelain crowns

There is a metal part in these crowns which could cause grey discoloration in the gums.

We have now told you about the different types of crowns. Remember that all the crowns are made of different materials. Plus, their longevity and strength parameters are different. The cost of the crowns varies in all these aspects.

PMMA Crown

Polymethyl methacrylate is commonly used for prosthetic dental applications including the fabrication of artificial teeth denture base temporary or provisional crowns. The unique properties of pmma such as its low density, aesthetics, cost effectiveness,ease of manipulation and tolerable physical and Mechanical properties make it suitable and popular biomaterials for temporary crowns and bridges. zirconia crowns or porcelain crowns take a few days to get ready, in the meantime PMMA temporary crowns can be given in a short period of time nowadays. PMMA resin comes in different shades and colours and it can be printed also which make it look emax like look. Nowadays the pmma crown and bridge are being used for the full mouth implant rehabilitation case.

Before proceeding further, you must find dental implants cost in Delhi. Search for the best dentist near me and find out which one is appropriate for you. Taking care of teeth is vital, and a good dentist can help you sort out any woes.