2 May 2022

When a 25-year-old female patient contacted dental surgeon Dr Raj Tiwary she was in too much pain. She was a dental surgeon herself but she suffered from severe damage to her front two teeth. Upon close inspection, Dr Raj Tiwary was stunned to see the decay and affliction.

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The patient was suffering from abscesses and mobility in her maxillary anterior teeth. As is evident from the pictures, the decay had entered into the roots. There was a need to undertake the treatment without any delay.

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Without waiting any further, Dr. Tiwary conducted a radiographic examination through CBCT of the two teeth. The pictures showed a significant bony defect which the surgeons could rectify only with extraction. Since these were the front teeth, the treatment had to be slow and meticulous.

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In the first step, he successfully extracted both the affected teeth. This was a complicated process and quite time-consuming too. Post that, he did the Bio Oss bone graft. He placed the dental implant, and the patient was suggested to wait for six months.

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After six months, he called back the patient for the prosthetic phase. This was also completed without any hurdles. The final result was a fantastic transformation for the lady in question. Till now, she used to refrain from laughing. But, with the support of the dentalteam, her life has changed.

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The pain that caused discomfort is long gone. Thanks to the dedicated team's expertise, the surgery and implant went about successfully. The patient has recovered completely and is leading a normal life.

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