06 Apr 2018

Doctors performing Best dental clinic in dwarka put lot of emphasis on maintaining a sound oral health as our oral health canaffect our overall health. Ignoring anyperiodontal disease orgum issues could result in some serious body ailments if left undiagnosed. Hence, regular visits to a dental expert are crucial to keep your body fit and fine.

The recent studies have proventhat poor oral health could turn out to be one of the potential reasons for heart disease. Moreover, advancements like laser dentistry in Dwarka have led to increased awareness amongst people regarding oral health. People with advanced or moderate gum disease now know that theyhave higher risk for developing heart disease. There are a number of warning signs for various conditions and diseases that can be determined through Oral health. It includes the ones related to the heart.

How are oral and cardiac health related?

Heart disease andOral health are interconnected.Poor oral health or damaged gums could lead to spread of bacteria to other parts of the body from your mouth. These bacteria cancause inflammation by attaching themselves to the damaged area ofan individual’s heart. This can cause certain illnesses like infection in the heart’s inner lining, endocarditis, and others. You may even develop serious cardiovascular conditions including stroke and atherosclerosis. Hence, it is always wise to connect with an expert on time for laser dentistry in Dwarka .

How poor oral hygiene will put your health at risk?

Individuals with advanced periodontal disease and gum conditions like gingivitis havehigher risk for developing heart disease. If you leave your poor oral health, unmanaged or undiagnosed for a longer period, then you are sure to suffer with severe health issues. The bacteria of gum infection can easily enter your blood stream. Eventually, they get attached to the vessels of the blood. It is highly recommended to ensure regular visits to the dental expert if you don’tfind gum inflammation noticeably. Accumulated plaque and inadequate overall oral hygiene enhances the probabilities ofheart ailments caused due to gum disease. When thebacteria migrate into the individual’sbloodstream,they raise the level of C-reactive protein and this further leads to blood vesselinflammation. This further increasesthe risk of stroke and heart disease.

Warning Signs

Swollen, sore andred gums.

Bleeding in gums when flossing, brushing or eating.

Any signs of teeth infection and pus around the gums.

Severe pain in the gums.

Frequent bad breath in your mouth.

Loose teeth, or it feels like teeth are being pulled away from the gums.

Prevention Measures

Good oral health prevents the certainties of various diseases. Over 90% of all systemic diseases boast oral manifestations, including mouth ulcers, swollen gums, excessive gum problems, and dry mouth. This eventually causes several serious diseases like diabetes, oral cancer, leukemia, pancreatic cancer, kidney disease, and heart disease. Hence, it is important to book a consultation with an expert for Cosmetic Dentistry in Dwarka to ensure overall good oral health. Make sure the professional you hire is highly qualified in his/her domain. This is to ensure the best possible treatment.