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06 Apr 2018

Surprisingly, there is a connection between tooth pain and sinus pain. It is not necessary that if your tooth pain is due to some dental problem. Dentists from dental clinic in Dwarka say that most of the times sinus problem can also cause pain in the tooth. However, there are variety of sinuses, but tooth pain is caused most likely by maxillary sinus.

Congestion, discomfort,and pressure are common conditions of maxillary sinus. Note that if the congestion build up caused due to maxillary sinus causes too much pressure it can generate severe pain in your teeth and make you look around for the best quality Dental treatment in Dwarka.

How to differentiate between Sinus Infection and Tooth Pain

It is always best to reach out your nearby Dental Clinic in Dwarka for professional help. However, it is important to have enough knowledge about sinus infection and tooth pain, so that you can easily differentiate between the two. Read on to know about the difference and possible causes of the two conditions.

The connection tale

The locations of sinuses are too close to the upper molars of an individual. Being in close proximity to the teeth’s roots,they exert too much pressure on the roots when they swell up or become congested, irritated, or inflamed. If it is a serious sinus infection then it can lay a huge impact on the orientation and location of the upper teeth. This can further lead to an altered alignment of your bite or cause severe discomfort.

Difference between Sinus Infection and Tooth Pain

It is a daunting task to differentiate between toothache and pain caused by sinus infection. Generally, a sinus infection encompasses a larger area of the mouth. It extends beyond the roots of the teeth. If you have period tender pain or aching sensation in the roots then it is a sign of sinus infection. Recurring allergies or cold symptoms are connected to sinus infections. On the other hand, a tooth problem emerges as a centralized, sharp, and constant pain in an infected or abscessedtooth. It doesn’t fluctuate but progresses to more uncomfortableand severe condition. Note that puss on the gum tissue’s surface may be accompanied by an abscesses. This causes pain and sensitivity when exposed to cold or hot beverages or food.


You may opt for a root canal treatment or antibiotics to treat abscessed teeth. It is wise to hire a highly qualified professional for the same. Sinus infections can be easily cured by usingtargeted antibiotics or counter medications for bacterial/viral infections.

The Final Say

Note that sinus infections also affect the lower teeth. If you experience ache in the lower jaw or molar area then don’t consider it as toothache. This sensation is termed as ‘referred pain.’ This condition arises when a part of your mouth is in pain. It is advised to consult a reputed dental expert and get necessary tests to get your condition evaluated. Proper diagnosis is important to determine the underlying cause and source of your oral discomfort. Only a qualified professional can help you with your particular requirements. So choose your dentist wisely for Dental treatment in Dwarka.